Our 4th day in the Hospital

I sat down to write this post and seriously had trouble remembering the entire morning.  Sheesh!   Mostly, we were just biding time until it was time for Cannon’s biopsy.  He took a nice nap, read some books, watched some videos and just relaxed. (Thanks to the Valium!)  Cannon had also finished his Go Lytely cleanse the night before and so the portable  x-ray machine was sent up to take another picture of his belly.  The surgeon and his resident came in and re-explained the procedure so that we were comfortable.  They were doing the biopsy to test for 2 issues: Hirschsprung’s Disease and Intestinal Neuronal Displacia.  The first issue would require the surgery I mentioned yesterday and would be great (in our eyes) because it should totally fix his problem.  The latter would still require the Chait Button and wouldn’t really change much in terms of his treatment.  It would just be a better understanding of the mechanics of his problem. 

Around 12 noon they came and got Cannon for his procedure.  He was wheeled on a stretcher downstairs into the surgery holding area.  There we met all the Nurses and Anesthesiologist that were going to be working with him today.  He got so very upset and screamed so much with all the different people around and talking to him that the Anesthesiologist went ahead and gave him some pre-procedure meds.   This calmed him and he nearly fell all the way asleep while we finished waiting.  They took him back a few minutes before 1 and the doctor was done and giving us an update by 1:45.  He was able to get a good sample to biopsy and he took that sample straight to the Pathology Department himself.  It will take a couple of days to get the results.  We were allowed to come right back into the Recovery Area and told it shouldn’t be long before he would wake up.  Well, it was 4:30 before he as much as moved a muscle.  He was out cold.  The Anesthesiologist checked on him at one point and assured us that all was well.  He was just sleepy. 

When we finally got back to our room, we got the most wonderful news!  Cannon’s x-rays were clear!  No more impaction!  It was such amazing news!  Now, not only would he require no more medicine or procedures for that particular issue but we could pull his NG tube out of his nose!  We were also able to cover his I.V. and give him a shower.  And boy did he need it!  Phew!  He was still incredibly groggy and unstable though so I had to hold him upright throughout.  I got him dressed and his nurse re-taped his I.V.   We decided to give the playroom a go.  He had been begging to go there for days.  Well, it was short lived.  He was just totally unstable and wouldn’t allow us to help him at all.  So, we had to scoop him up and bring him back to his hospital room.  He did not like this and proceeded to let us know so loudly and for such a long time that the doctors prescribed him another dose of Valium.  This allowed him to relax.  He could also eat regular food now that the cleanse was over, so he ate ferociously.  Apple sauce, jell-o, cereal bars, 2 rice cakes with peanut butter and 2 cups of apple juice.  We were so glad to see his appetite back.  So, now our mission is to wait and see what happens.  Usually, the first couple of days after a cleanse are just plain terrible and full of screaming as the medicine they gave him for the cleanse causes awful cramping afterwards.  So, they may keep him in the hospital to help regulate his pain while we wait for the biopsy results.  They also could send us home if the pain isn’t too bad and we would come back once the doctors decide which surgery he will needs.

As I meditate on how I am feeling about waiting on the biopsy results, I began thinking of the sermon at our church last week.  Our pastor spoke on “vertical living” and how it related when you were in times of your life that were tough.  One of the things he said stuck out to me.  “Focus on God’s character not my circumstances. “  So, basically if I just meditate on all the amazing characteristics and qualities that make God….God….then, my circumstances are turned over to Him and I will have a peace about the situation.   Because I will feel so safe and comfortable knowing that the Great Physician, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, and Everlasting Father is on my side.  Right?!  And the sermon also brought to my memory something my Grandpa Grady always used to say.  “Keep your knees down and your chin up.”  Is that the best advice ever or what?!  Be blessed friends!

6 thoughts on “Our 4th day in the Hospital

  1. “if our God is with us then what could stand against” Reading your entry has me singing Chris Tomlin’s ‘Our God.’ Continuing to read, cry, and pray with you.

  2. Let us know if you need anything. We’d be more than happy to watch Townsend or bring you (or Mark!)dinner. We’ll be there tomorrow if you need us to bring you anything.

    • Oh thank you Cindy! Hold that thought….with another much bigger surgery looming…..I may have to take you up on that! You are so sweet!

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