Home….For A Few Days

Craziness…..is the only way to describe our day yesterday.  Complete and total craziness.

I am going to make this quick as I am pretty exhausted and its late.  The port surgery didn’t happen.  It was called off in the 11th hour so to speak.  In the Surgery Waiting Room with all the paperwork signed and ready to go. Cannon’s x-rays upon the completion of his 3rd gallon of Go Lytely solution were totally clear!  Yay!  And the docs following his case simply changed their minds. They believe that they can gain enough IV access to complete the surgery next week  and that after that, if the surgery works, he would no longer need the port.  So, why put it in??!! We were surprised because its importance in spite of all that I just mentioned had been so intensely stressed to us less than 24 hours earlier.  And we had resigned ourselves and agreed to allow the surgery.  But we were incredibly relieved that he would not have to go through one more big surgery.  I was giddy and smiling from ear to ear!  And just so, so thankful!

We still have the surgery next week on the horizon.  And its a big one!  But right now, we are rejoicing in this small miracle.  And celebrating it with a few refreshing days home!  Before life as we know it will change dramatically. We are constantly being asked by our wonderful friends and family….”What can we do for you?”  I am hideous at asking for help.  It is an incredible weakness of mine.  But I am going to try.  Here is a very specific prayer request but one that is extremely vital to the success of Cannon’s upcoming surgery.  We have complete faith in the skill level and competence of the surgeons.  That is not an issue.  We feel confident that his body will heal in time and accept this new device as an aide in improving his life and ability to cleanse his body.  The biggest concern at this point is whether Cannon’s extremely severe sensory issues will allow him to tolerate the presence of this external device on his body.  All day, every day for potentially a very long time.  And maybe even the rest of his life.  So friends, if you could, please pray that Cannon will be able to cope with this button.  And allow it to do what it does.  It is almost exciting to think of the possibilities if he could just do this.  The week after a clean out is filled with spontaneous language, increased eye contact, and joy.  If this surgery works, could it be possible that that behavior would be our new normal??  Oh man!  What a chance this is for reclaiming his life!  Taking back some part of what Autism and its related issues have taken from my precious son. So, there it is.  Me asking for help.  Prayer.  The power of which is amazing and knows no bounds!  Thank you friends for being on this journey with us.  For caring enough to take time out of your day to read this and support our family!  We are blessed beyond measure by all of you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!



2 thoughts on “Home….For A Few Days

  1. Kimberly

    You and your family will always have a special place in our heart. My heart breaks when I read your messages about your boy. Sadly enough I can relate to a certain extent. I know the full range of emotions you are going through. I understand the hopes and fears. I also smile as I see your faith in God through the many messages. We know and realize that he is in control. We may not understand HIS methods or HIS timing but we know our children are in HIS very capable hands. Just know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Love you guys. Big hugs from us to you and your family.

    • As you will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart! I wish you didn’t relate so well! I wish Jessica was here! Your precious angel! Thank you for following our journey and sending us so much positivity and love! We are forever grateful! Our Father has put so many amazing people in our life and it is times like these when we really get to appreciate that more and more! Many, many, many belated thanks for all the encouragement! And lots of love and hugs to you and the family! 🙂

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