A Quick Update

We are still waiting to have the 2 tests that the surgeon wants before deciding Cannon’s next step.  The surgeon’s office was supposed to schedule it and get back to me but they haven’t.  So, they have had the joy of hearing from me daily.  Today, they finally informed me that the surgeon called one of the procedures one thing and the hospital where it will be administered is calling it something else.  And the surgeon is on vacation until tomorrow.  So, hopefully this will all get ironed out tomorrow.  It’s rough though because Cannon has been in very bad shape for about 4 days now.  He has done nothing but script and crash.  He’s just like the Tazmanian Devil.  I have almost taken him to the hospital numerous times and he has even asked for it!  My hope was that we could get the Barium Enema soon (the one that takes all the pictures and can give him a little cleansing action if need be) and that could take the place of yet another x-ray (radiation exposure).  But we will have to see if we can wait that long.  I feel very guilty trying to stretch him but he has never re-impacted this quickly so I am banking on that.  Thank you for all of your prayers and concern.  We are hanging in there!

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