Autism Awareness Month Kick-off and Walk

So, I AM still alive! Yes, it’s true! My self proclaimed title as World’s Worst Blogger is still intact y’all! No surprises here! I’m so sorry! Life as an Autism navigating, meltdown managing, homeschool teaching, housecleaning, Service Dog walking/training, therapy coordinating, meal preparing, bill paying, Chait Button flushing, medicine pushing, laundry folding, Bible reading, Taekwondo and Baseball Mom is just crazy busy! And can leave me pretty darn depleted at the end of the best days. As well as, I never feel like I have a complete and final answer to report from Cannon’s medical perspective… I talk myself into waiting until I do……AND then that doesn’t happen. So, this blog sits dormant. Well, I am determined to get you up to date! So……

Apology aside…..let’s dive into what we were up to in the month of April. Autism Awareness Month!

Team Cannon was at it again! We were blessed to attend and participate in our local Autism Walk for yet another year! With some of the best people a family could be privileged to know. This event is always impressive, wonderfully supported by the community, and helps provide the funds for so very many meaningful programs and services. And look at the faces of these precious friends and family who joined us!!!! Having people in your life who give up part of their weekend to love on us and honor the life and daily struggle of our child is just so indescribably AMAZING! There just are not words to express how much it means Jim, Gail, Christy, Grant, Holdyn, Fletcher, Delaney, Paige, Jessica, Kurtis, Madisyn, Maksyn, Makenzie, Rob, Kimberly, Luke, Kyla, and Grandma! We love each of you so! I also want to thank Ruth, Karli, and Carey for helping the organization further their mission through their donations! Y’all are such incredible blessings in our lives! We adore you and from the bottom of our hearts appreciate it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! More to come soon! Enjoy these pics from our fantastic day!



















Don’t you just love our Roxy girl?! Cannon was getting upset partway through the walk so she just got right in there with her boy to get the kissing, nuzzling, loving on, and comforting job done! I tried getting her out at a couple of points but she would just hop right back in with reckless abandon! It was hilarious! And so, so precious at the same time! This girl loves her job! And we are blessed every day by her diligence!