World Autism Awareness Day!

Hi all! I know it’s been forever……and unfortunately…….this is not abnormal. One of these days, maybe I will be better! I certainly have that as an aspiration. But you may notice that the blog has undergone a slight facelift.  It is a work in progress but it is progress no less.  Anyhow, it’s World Autism Awareness Day! And April is Autism Awareness Month. I hope to share several mini posts with y’all throughout the month to better inform you about what Autism is, how it affects those affected, Cannon’s personal struggles/triumphs, and how you can help the individuals and families in the trenches. I thought I would start with our story……just incase you haven’t seen it. It needs updating. But I hope it will give you a hint of what this journey has been like for us thus far. From Cannon’s birth to today. Enjoy and if you feel led…..SHARE! The point of this month is to raise awareness. And with the new numbers that the CDC released last week (1 in 68 people are now being diagnosed)…..the need is there. Thank you for your love…..for following our story…..and for all the prayers since Autism came into our lives. It has been a long 4 years since diagnosis……but by God’s grace and thanks to the prayers of so so very many……we are still standing and dare I say…..thriving! Much, much love!

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