Things Are Looking Up

Ok….so here is the latest!  As you know if you read yesterday’s post, Cannon’s tummy was not clear after the 2nd gallon of Go Lytely solution.  Which meant he had to endure a whole other gallon of the stuff!  Let me put this in perspective for you.  An adult takes 1/2 – 1 gallon of the same solution to cleanse their colon and prep for a colonoscopy.  And it takes 3 gallons to do the same job in my 4 year old!  Pretty much stinks, right?!

Anyways….he began with the 3rd gallon around 1:15 a.m. and finished it around 1 p.m.  The portable x-ray machine was sent up, an x-ray was taken, and 2 very anxious parents had to sit and wait for 3 more hours to get results.  We were sooooo nervous!!!!!!  We could not bear the thought of a 4th gallon or worse.  But thank goodness, we finally got some good news this evening!  The resident came in and informed us that there is a teeny amount still left but they feel like they got the important part of this.  WHAT A RELIEF!  His little “posterior region” is fire engine red right now from all the diapers and I am so so very grateful we don’t have to put it through so many more.  Let the healing begin!  🙂

We were then clear to draw labs.  With all the craziness just pumped into his body, they had to make sure there was balance.  Sodium, potassium, electrolytes…..all important levels to check on.  The resident came back in later and told us the labs were perfect and that we are moving in a positive direction.  Thank goodness!

We are not “out of the woods” yet.  As some of the doctors here well know, the next couple of days are almost as bad as the last couple.  The medicine that cleansed his body also rips his stomach to shreds after the fact.  It causes just terrible pain and cramping.  And for someone with sensory issues, whose every sensation is heightened to the extreme, it is so so much worse.  In fact, every previous hospitalization for this issue, we have had the same problem.  He virtually screams at the top of his lungs for the next 2 days, even when given medicine to help.  He doesn’t want to be touched, doesn’t want anything (even a seatbelt) to touch his tummy, and doesn’t want any help with anything.  It is frustrating!  So, a couple of visits ago, we began staying an extra day to help manage that pain.  We will do the same this time, I am told.  And after the initial tough days, usually the next week is sheer bliss!  Like perfection!  He talks more in that week than he will in the next few months, he cooperates incredibly at school and in therapy, and he really listens so so well!  But the sad fact that has come to be the norm is that after one week, his stomach starts bothering him again, the progress fades, and the vicious cycle begins again.

We will see what happens this go round!  Now, my exhausted self is going to cram into bed with little man.  Still gotta keep him from pulling out that I.V.  🙂  Good Night blog family!

2 thoughts on “Things Are Looking Up

  1. We are praying for you over here in SC! I’m just plain worn out from reading your latest posts, so I can only imagine how tired YOU are (and Cannon, and Mark, etc). Your desire to glorify the Lord through all of this is certainly an encouragement and inspiration to me, and I’m sure many others.
    D says he owes you a phone call. Much love to all of you…

    • Thank you MB! We love and appreciate your family and our friendship so very much! We are praying and excited to hear some news from your end SOON! 🙂

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