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I don’t always have the time to do a Quiet Time the way I like.  So, sometimes I really rely on music to help me spend time with God, meet me where I am that day, reflect, and worship.  There is such great music out there to inspire and uplift you on days that you really need it.  Here are some of my favorites…………..

  • “Praise You In This Storm” By: Casting Crowns

  • “Have Your Way” By: Britt Nicole     

  • “Footprints In The Sand” By: Leona Lewis

  • “Stronger” By: Mandisa

  • “Waiting Room” By: Johny Diaz

  • “No Matter What” By: Kerrie Roberts

  •  “He’s My Son” By: Mark Schultz

  • “He Will Carry Me” By: Mark Schultz

  • “Held” By: Natalie Grant

  • “Human” By: Natalie Grant

  • “You are For Me” By: Kari Jobe

  •  “Just Cry” By: Mandisa

  • “Broken Halleujah” By: Mandisa

  • “Blessings” By: Laura Story

  • “I Am Not Alone” By: Natalie Grant

  • “Can’t Live A Day” By: Avalon

  • “Glorious Day” By: Casting Crowns

  • “These Days” By: Mandisa

  • “Let Your Light Shine” By: Bethany Dillon

  • “In Christ Alone” By: Brian Littrell

  • Out of My Hands” By:  Matthew West 

  • “Strong Enough” By: Matthew West

  • “Savior, Please” By: Josh Wilson

  • “Your Hands” By: JJ Heller

Cannon’s Favorites:

Upbeat Favorites:

One thought on “Music

  1. Hi Kimberly, I met your mom in Dec. when we sat together for a choir/orchestra meal. Just wanted to send hugs and strength to you. I have a medically complicated but delightful son as well, and I wanted to lend support in any way I can. My son is Luke, and he’s 21 and has CP, a feeding tube, a baclofen pump, and a complete spinal fusion. He communicates using an app on the Ipad called Proloque4Text, and he uses a power chair. Your journey is hard one, and I know it is mentally and physically wearing. Just wanted to send a virtual hug. One tidbit that I’d like to offer is that we finally found a wonderful formula for Luke that suits him well, has him finally at a decent weight, and no more gagging and vomiting. It’s called Kate Farms. If you give me your email address, I’ll send you some pictures of it, how we use squeeze bottles (from Amazon) to help get it in him, and I would be more than happy to send you a case or 2. It IS covered by insurance if a gtube if that is how Cannon gets most of his nutrition. It certainly would be sorth trying. You could ask his dietician about it. Other than that, here’s a big (((hug))) to you and your family!! Beth McCurry

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