Motherhood Is All I Ever Wanted…..

Growing up, I loved lots of things.  Mostly sports but also music and working with children.    I, like most kids had many dreams of potential careers over those formative years.  In the 5th grade, I wanted to be a cosmetologist and do make-up in the mall.  In 7th grade, I wanted to play professional basketball.  In high school, I volunteered at the local children’s hospital and thought I really wanted to do Child Life.  Play therapy with kiddos in hospitals.  And in college, I worked as an Undergraduate Assistant in the Strength and Conditioning Department.  And wanted to pursue that as my next step.

But during all that time, there was one thing that I knew with all my soul that I wanted to do.  That never ever changed.  And was the only thing I really truly wanted.  It was to be a mother.  It didn’t matter to how many children or what sex they were.  It didn’t matter their skin color or if they were mine biologically.  I just wanted to have children to call mine.  I am sure that many many women have had the same feelings or maybe just assumed that they would take that step when they reached the right age and/or stage in life.  But I wanted it with every fiber of my being….ALWAYS.  I have forever said that a career was never super important to me.  Education….yes.  But I didn’t need a career to be fulfilled.  I just wanted to be a mommy.  And boy, did God bless me with my wish.

5 years ago, this past February I got my first glance at my precious Cannon.  A glance that not only took my breath away but one that I appreciated that much more because he was my second pregnancy.  I lost my first baby in the very beginning of the second trimester.  And it was a crushing blow.  But that time was the most spiritual experience of my life.  I was crying out to God constantly in my grief and I felt His presence like nothing I could have ever imagined beforehand.  It was truly like the Footprints poem in action.  He carried me through that time and comforted me.  Like only a Father can.  A Heavenly Father….that is.  Cannon was everything I could have hoped for.  Obviously smart from the start, absolutely adorable, incredibly lively, very healthy, a good sleeper, and so so snuggly!  He did everything early so I didn’t have time to worry.  Teething, crawling, walking, talking.  And even with all that has transpired and changed since those early days…..I still adore every second with him.   He is my buddy!  Our relationship is beyond special.  And I wouldn’t trade him for a “normal” kiddo EVER.

My sweet Townsend made his entrance into the world just over 3 years ago.  His joy is his most prominent characteristic.  We have always said that God knew we would need Townsend.  His nickname is the “Ambassador of Happiness.”  He has an infectious laugh, a fantastic smile, a good good heart, lots of love to share with anyone, and boy is he social!  He talks constantly and is just pure sunshine.  Always good for a one liner.  And thinks his brother walks on water.  I just can’t say enough about him.  He makes my heart smile!

I know this post is late getting up for Mother’s Day but I sure hope all the Mommas out there had a great one!  I got to spend my day with my mom.  What a gift!  She is the most giving person I have ever known.  She hops on a plane and travels cross country to help us out at the drop of a hat.  And she has done that for the umpteenth time this week.  To help us with Townsend during Cannon’s upcoming surgery.

Motherhood is an amazing gift and I will never take it for granted or stop thanking God daily for my little blessings.  Or for giving me ALL I EVER WANTED!  🙂

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    • A belated thank you for your sweet comment. Having great examples of mothers growing up has been so crucial in my upbringing! And you, Mrs. Wallace, are DEFINITELY one of those positive examples! 🙂 Thank you for your love and support!

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