Inconclusive: My New Least Favorite Word!

Ahhh friends! I have been waiting and waiting to post an update on Cannon’s condition for some time now. I wanted to wait until we had something concrete to report. But it is now a few months later and we still don’t have that information. We have results from a bunch of tests that are almost all (my new least favorite word)……inconclusive. Blah! I hate that word! It tells us a whole lot of nothing! In late November, Cannon had an Endoscopy/Colonoscopy because he was vomiting frequently, burping constantly, and having a lot of intense indigestion. The doc found a lacy or “cobblestone-like mucosa” all over his stomach. When he came to talk to us after the procedure was done, he said he thought it was a bacteria called H. Pylori. We took immediately to WebMD and looked it up. The symptoms associated with H. Pylori read exactly like the list of symptoms we had gone to the doctor with. We were told that we had to wait for the biopsy results to confirm it but it looked an awful lot like this was what was going on. I was relieved immediately because there was treatment for this condition. The worst part of many of Cannon’s issues is that there is little definitive treatment. It stinks to put it mildly. So when the biopsy results came back negative for H. Pylori, we were flabbergasted! How could this be? Then, what was it? “The results are inconclusive,” we were told. UGH! The test showed Gastritis, Esophagitis, and Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease but no erosions, no ulcers, and no H. Pylori. So, the bottom line is we know that there is something all over his stomach, that it wasn’t there on his last scope 2 years ago, that he is in pain, and that his stomach and esophagus are inflamed. And we don’t know why the 3 highest doses of medication possible that he has been taking daily for the last 2 years haven’t improved this condition more, how to stop his pain, and if the bacteria will turn into something else over time.

Through the last couple of months or so, he has experienced a lot of lethargy. He will just lay around, want to be held often, nap out of no where, and ask to be carried everywhere. We tested his blood thinking the iron supplement for the Anemia must not be working. Nope! Nothing! Iron level is improving slowly but surely. So,the explanation for the lethargy…..the results are inconclusive! His blood did show concentration so a urinalysis was done. And all looked ok. So, again, no reasons… answers. He has perked up slowly over the last couple of weeks but now has become increasingly “fight or flight.” Super tense and at times….angry. He hits his fist on things and grinds his teeth hard.  He also probably tells me he doesn’t feel good around 75-100 times a day. I kid you not. I feel so bad for my little punkin.

Keeping things in perspective……this time last year……Cannon was in the hospital every 2-3 weeks. So, anything other than that is an improvement. Now, we just have to keep at trying to make adjustments that could possibly turn the tide. I met with a dietician last week to further tighten up Cannon’s diet and we also trying a new kind on milk. Wait for it……CAMEL milk. Stay tuned for details and analysis of how that works. It’s quite interesting. But I want to have more data before I “publish” my findings.

So, that is about it for us….for now. Lord willing….these new changes will help and/or he will just get to miraculously feeling better! In the meantime……since he has perked up……we are turning our focus to getting caught up in homeschool.  We have had some REALLY ROUGH days getting back in the swing of things but I dare to say that I think we have finally found our stride.  We are using a Christian curriculum called “My Father’s World” this year.  It is wonderful and I love it!  Most days we begin our day singing this sweet, old children’s song!  Enjoy a listen before you log off!  Love to all!

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