Happy New Year!

Hi there blog family! Happy New Year! Sorry we are a bit late saying so but as usual things are busy busy around our neck of the woods and I managed to get a little behind! So, I won’t waste another second but get right to sharing some of the goals, hopes, and dreams of our family for this God-given New Year. Have a look!

Goals for the year 2012.

I have a few. First off, I want to learn more when it comes to computers. So I can become more self sufficient, creative, and innovative with putting this blog together. My sister, Rebecca, is the one who made this idea of mine a reality 10 months ago. She built this site from the ground up per my vision and instructions and has injected postings for me up until the last couple months. And its time to grow some wings and give her a break! (I Love You Rebecca! Thank you so much for all your hard work!) I also pray that this blog can continue to keep to our primary goals of getting our story out there, supporting others walking the same road we are, educating those not affected about those who are, and hopefully encouraging all who read it through our honest, spiritual ups and downs. To continue to be real. Never to sugar coat. And most importantly, to praise God no matter what is going on!

We also plan to step up our game at home! To have a more organized, precise way for Mark and I to work with Cannon. A specific play therapy program. We have a lot of tips and tricks but just want to follow one school of thought through and through. Succeed and thrive or crash and burn. And obviously if the latter happens, we stop and move on to something else. But without giving up on the concept. So, we are purchasing materials to compare and contrast 2 programs (the Son Rise Program and Floortime Method) for potential implementation in our home. Both that are okay for the parents to perform and similar in ideology. So, stay tuned to hear what we decide and how that goes…….

I also plan to just do more. And definitely to get out of the house more. To try more new things, places, and events. Autism has a tendency to take you prisoner. Due to the amount of hours of in-home therapy and straight up fear. Fear of potential meltdowns, anxiety, safety issues, and embarrassment. Cannon is a runner and can take off on me when given the chance. But he is getting better. And I need to trust him and try my best to help him gain some independence. So, (deep breath) I promise to try. Now, hold me accountable people! 🙂

Our final goal is to make our house better for Cannon this year. Mark began a big project last week. He knocked down a porch on the back of our home and we are building a new room. The boys playroom will move out there and the current one will become Cannon’s new sensory room! I am so excited for him that this is finally happening! This room will help him to safely work out his frustration on bad days, self regulate on good days, and to just have fun in a not overstimulating environment! We will truly feel like we are doing right by this amazing child when this project is completed!

Finally, I have some hopes and dreams.

I pray for health for our family. As nice as our local Children’s Hospital is…….we hope we don’t see the inside of it as much this year. We pray for happiness. For more time with friends and doing things we used to enjoy. For more time…. just Mark and I. We dream of Cannon making amazing progress in therapy. And coming back to us little by little. And finally, and most importantly, we will strive for a deeper, stronger, and more meaningful relationship with our Father in Heaven. Because even if all the other things don’t pan out, God and our relationship with Him is all that truly matters. It is HIM that will get us through.

Our pastor’s New Year’s sermon was quite inspiring! He spoke of being available to God in 2012. For Him to work through us and in us! He challenged us to allow ourselves to accomplish all He has for us. I was driving home and heard this song by Kari Jobe and it just drove it home to me even more! Kinda gave me a new anthem for the New Year! To remember that God calls me to be a light in the darkness, to be set apart, and to try and impact others through my actions and words. (Read more in 1 Thessalonians 5!) Check it out and be inspired! Blessings to each of you and yours in this New Year!

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