Days 6 & 7

Here was my Autism Awareness Month Post of Day 6:

I was wondering when the emotional conversation I had with Townsend today would happen. It’s only been about a year and a half since he found out his brother had Autism but that was the last time he REALLY cried over it. But today….during a routine Bible lesson and corresponding writing assignment, some feelings came pouring out of him that resulted in a lot of tears. A whole lot. A long talk ensued about his sadness over the fact that he can’t fix his brother and how it wrecks him so to watch him struggle and hurt. I wondered when this conversation would happen. I let him get all his feelings out, hugging and loving on him, and validating those emotions in comparison to my own. When the time was right, I explained to him that getting our emotions out is super important. But that God doesn’t want us to dwell on our sadness but to channel that into something helpful. Thinking of ways to make Cannon’s life easier, to support him, and to educate others and advocate for him. To encourage empathy not sympathy. And to always remember that this life is but a blip in time in light of eternity. I cherish far more than I can explain….the relationship that my boys have. They RARELY fight and when they do…’s really just mild irritation. Townsend watches over him and tries to protect him like a big brother…..even though Cannon is 2 years older. They speak so kindly to each other and absolutely love being together. I always thought Townsend needed traditional school as an escape for a few hours a day… the rigors of our life. But, he has no desire and simply loves homeschool and being a helper/friend in every way he can. He will correct you quickly if you say that Roxy is Cannon’s best friend. He will tell you they both are! What a ridiculously, incredible blessing!!! This Autism life is not easy on siblings. But with God’s help, we can get through these emotional moments and keep on a positive road filled with unwavering hope, endless joy, and so very much love! I encourage all of my fellow Warrior families to rest in the promises of God and to allow Him to bring strength and peace into your life… only He can!

And of Day 7:

Today I want to share the story and mission of a man who has become a true hero of ours! One who took something difficult in his life and turned it into something beautiful for thousands! His name is Izzy Paskowitz and he is a former World Champion surfer. His son, Isaiah, has Autism. Please watch and be blessed! Then, check out the “Our Story” tab where you will find videos of Cannon participating in this event! There is NOTHING on this earth he loves more! NOTHING! Surfing is perfection to him! The calm beyond the breakers and then the rush of riding a crashing wave meets his sensory needs like no other! We are blessed beyond measure to have “Uncle Izzy” in our life!

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