Cannon Made the News!

Hello friends!  Long time!  I know!  I know!  We have been a busy bunch on our end!  Currently, we are on a trip experiencing all kinds of great adventures!  I wanted to briefly share one with you before it is taken down. 

Last week, Cannon was able to participate in an amazing event called Surfers Healing.  This is an event put on by an organization of the same name.  They provide children with Autism an incredible surfing experience!  Where professional surfers on long boards treat these kiddos to some tandem rides on some great waves!  Cannon had a blast to say the least!  I am going to tell you much, much more about this in the near future.  We have tons of pictures to sort through, video to edit, and a you tube video to make for your enjoyment!  But I wanted you to see that Cannon made the local news!!!!  So, have a look at this story for now and I will catch up with ya’ll soon with the WHOLE story!  God bless!

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