Back In The Hospital

Hi friends! I just wanted to update you guys on our latest setback.

Cannon has been struggling with his same old belly issues for the better part of this month. I have been documenting the issues, treating him as best as we can, and updating his doctors throughout this time period. Last Tuesday, things had reached a breaking point and I took him for an x-ray at an Urgent Care. The results were relayed incorrectly to us and we didn’t even find out there was an impaction until Friday when the report finally made its way into our G.I. Doctor’s hands. Grrrr! His treatment plan was for us to attempt an at-home clean out on Sunday with follow up x-rays and labs on Monday. So, Sunday I gave him a ton of Miralax and braced myself for a long day of diaper changes. It was not fun to say the least. The x-rays and labs were done first thing Monday morning and by Tuesday afternoon the results were finally in. But neither our Pediatrician or G.I. Doctor were in the office. Therefore, we had to wait another day to get an answer as to what to do next. We battled internally with whether we should just take him to the E.R. We knew in our hearts and through watching his behavior that it didn’t work. But we decided to wait because we wanted a direct admission, if possible. To skip the E.R. Just to avoid the extra stress on Cannon. So, finally, this afternoon we were told to bring him in. We got him settled, did baseline vitals, history, and an x-ray. The staff has decided that we will wait until the morning to put in the I.V. Once that is done, they will begin the conscious sedation that he requires to be able to handle what comes next. The placement of the N.G. tube in his nose. This tube is where the medicine that will clean him out goes. He will be given one gallon and then re-x-rayed. If he isn’t clear, they will give him another gallon…..followed by another x-ray. I think you see the pattern. Each gallon takes about 24 hours to go in. When all is clear, we will probably remain a day or so to help manage the pain that comes after Cannon takes all this medicine. It reeks havoc on his stomach! I will try to update ya’ll as much as I can.

I do want to say that to some…..this may seem just terrible. And it is. But….the victory in all of this is that we have made it 5 months since his last hospitalization for this issue! That is a huge improvement over what had been the norm for too long! Hospitalizations every 1-2 months! So, tonight we have mixed emotions. We are thankful, nervous, and sad. Thankful for the lull, nervous for what is to come, and sad to see our baby in pain. But God knows our every thought and feeling and is giving us comfort and strength. As we were packing for the hospital, I stopped for a moment and looked at Mark. I said, “Why is this so normal?” I felt as if I was too under control and calm about the situation. Yes, we are used to this but please don’t miss the amazing part. God has given us so much peace, clarity, and confidence in how to deal with these situations. He is so faithful to us, even in the struggle. He deserves all the glory! And I feel so blessed and loved!

In a quick closing…..I have been on a Hillsong kick as of late. Listening to any and all songs of theirs I can get my hands on! There is this one that I can’t get out of my head or my heart. God has been using it to remind me that He will always be here and that all I need to do is draw near. I pray this song blesses your heart as it does mine! Much love friends!

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  1. Thanks for posting – In my thoughts friend! I have been thinking it had been quite some time since his last of issues – months – wow! Please let me know if you need anything or anything I can do!

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