Autism Awareness Month Days 2 & 3

In the month of April, I drew inspiration from friends who had done something similar and made it my mission to post an Autism Awareness post every day on my personal Facebook page.  I would love to share each and every one of those with you now!  We will do a few at a time.  Here goes…….

Day 2 – On this day it was World Autism Awareness Day! I shared that my family’s life has been completely redefined by the joy and heartache of Autism. By the challenge of meeting our sweet Cannon in his world and trying to draw him into ours. Every precious smile, few seconds of solid eye contact, and uninitiated hug is a treasure and a victory and motivates us to keep at it! The progress he has made from nonverbal, angry shell of his former self to today…..7 years later… remarkable. We are so proud of our beautiful boy! He may be different BUT he is NOT LESS! He may need more time, more patience, and more love to get through a simple outing, homeschool lesson, and/or an average day…..but he is worth every ounce of effort! With God’s help, we will continue the fight today, tomorrow, and always! On this special day, I would like to share with you the story of my family. (This was made years ago and needs so badly to be updated but you will get the gist.) God bless you all!

Day 3

My prayer is that these daily posts will be informative, helpful, and uplifting. Each day IS hard but I hope to reveal how very much joy and love there is in our home. And the never-ending awe we experience every single day when delving into the inner workings of his complex mind. Let’s start with this great list (which is actually from a book if you’re ever interested). This list touches on so many important areas of this complicated developmental disorder. Please take a few moments and have a look.

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