Autism Awareness Month Days 11-13

Continuing to gradually post my compiled FB Autism Awareness Month posts…….

Day 11

I’m so thankful this is out there! That kids, now, from such a young age will be exposed to the concept of Autism. I’m grateful that Julia’s strengths are highlighted so beautifully. That she is shown as an equal. For this illustration of how her challenges can be overcome with a little understanding, effort, and compassion. And for the powerful message that…..”We can all be friends!” It’s not just teaching tolerating their presence. Friendship is possible and valuable! Kids with Autism truly want to connect….even if it doesn’t seem that way. They just need a little extra time, some empathy, and grace. The lessons neuro-typical kiddos can learn from spending time with and befriending anyone with a disability are great. Most importantly, my favorite part of this piece is that it helps the watcher to see that the kids want to be her friend not for the sole reason that it’s the right thing to do…but because she’s fun, interesting, and talented! Thank you Sesame Street! Thank you for being the change!

Day 12

This is how we do Autism in our house…..

Day 13

A dear friend who is a Special Education teacher told me from Day 1 of our diagnosis…….to never refer to Cannon as an Autistic child. He is a child first. Autism is only a part of him.

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