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Mark is my sweet husband.  He has worked for the government for almost 18 years.  He was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and is so very proud of it.  He loves classic cars and is the owner of a ’67 Mustang Fastback.  He enjoys old movies, reading, history (particularly aviation and war), and classic rock.  I guess you could say he is an old soul.  He is a hard worker, faithful husband, and gentle father.  Watching him teach things to, pass on his passions, and play with our boys is one of my greatest joys.  I love him more and more every day.  God truly blessed me.

Kimberly…..that’s me.  I grew up in the South and pine for it daily.  The beach, the green grass, the ocean, the fresh seafood….all of it.  No matter where I live, my heart is in the South. I love to cook, work out, run, bake special cakes, entertain, read, research my family’s ancestry, and just be with my friends and family. I watch sports, any sport, all the time.  Fanatically some might say.  My husband is so lucky.  😉 And Hallmark movies…..love Hallmark movies.

Cannon is 13 years old.  He is not only the inspiration for this blog but truly my inspiration in life.  He has dealt with so very much in his short life and will likely struggle daily for the rest of it.  And yet he still has a zest for life that would rival most anyone. He is strong, kind, loving, and smart.  He enjoys reading books, drawing, and listening to music…..particularly on old, vinyl records.  He loves taking Roxy for walks and playing ball with her, riding his scooter, and swimming (when he feels up to it).  He is the world’s best snuggler and is a total sweetheart.  He makes people fall in love with him within seconds.  Cuddling his many stuffed animals, playing board games (his way of course…..not necessarily per the game’s directions), and hide and seek are some of our favorite activities.  He is an adrenaline junkie to the core.  His favorite thing on this earth is surfing.  He has parasailed (and fell asleep in the air because he got bored) and will only horseback ride if you will gallop the entire time.  Not sure we are going to be able to keep up with him as we get older!  He is one complex, incredible, amazing, difficult, and inspirational blessing from God.

Townsend is our “Ambassador of Happiness.”  He is  11 years old and full of life.  A comedian at heart, total goofball, and a complete chatterbox.  He rarely stops smiling and has the most incredibly infectious laugh.  He loves to do anything his big brother does and more.  His favorite things are playing outside, riding his bike at warp speed, baseball, reading books, and all things cars, planes, and history.  Whether its directing remote control cars, watching Formula 1 racing with his Daddy, attending car auctions and car shows, or helping Daddy work on the Mustang…..he loves it all.  He is also the best of all of us on the boogie board.  Give him an ocean and he will amaze you!  My favorite thing about him is his heart.  It is a servant’s heart to the core.  He’s not living or thriving unless he is helping someone in one way or another.  His wheels are always turning with an idea of how to help one person, group, or organization.  It melts me on a daily basis. We always say that God knew we would need Townsend.  He is just straight up pure joy.

Roxy is a 5 year old pure Golden Retriever and to us….the World’s Best Service Dog.  I finally got my girl y’all!  Just not in the way I ever imagined!  She is straight up beautiful and loves life.  Roxy has many tasks and behavior disruptions she’s trained to perform.  A favorite is giving super slobbery kisses from the top of Cannon’s head to the bottom of his toes when he’s having a meltdown.  She kinda lives for it.  A good track of Cannon (hide and seek) and peanut butter filled Kong are about the next best things on Planet Earth.  A walk in the park, ball chasing sesh with Cannon, and game of “Pupperoni Rain” round out her list of faves.  Before she came to us, I could never have imagined the impact she would have on our lives.  The joy she would bring to it, the incredible help she could be, and security she would bring.  It’s an amazing experience, having a service dog.  A lot of hard work and training but beyond worth it.  We are so grateful!

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