A Canine For Cannon?

Well, it’s finally time for me to let the “cat (well actually the dog) out of the bag.”

It is with much prayer, thought, research, more research, advice from doctors/therapists, and more prayer that we have decided to pursue trying to get Cannon a service dog. An animal bred and trained just for him. To guide and follow him through life……assisting with so many aspects that are difficult for him and also to become a best friend.

This will be a long, huge, time consuming, uphill undertaking for our family. It entails us partnering with a wonderful org called 4 Paws for Ability, Inc. and committing to raise $14,000 towards their mission. I know. It’s an incredibly lofty goal but we believe with our whole hearts that this will help make our sweet boy’s world a better place. I ask for your forgiveness in advance as I will probably be selling everything under the sun and always advertising some sort of fundraiser over the next year or so.

We struggle mightily with asking for help but that is exactly what I, now, must do. If any of you out there can afford to make a donation of any size….it would be SO VERY greatly cherished and appreciated! Below is the link where you can donate safely and easily online. The money will go straight to the org. If you prefer to mail in a donation….please ask. I have flyers that help to designate Cannon as the recipient. Or be VERY sure to put his name on the memo section of your check. To be sure it is credited to his account.

If anyone would like to do a fundraiser of any sort….please contact me! I am all ears! It can be through a business (brick and mortar or home based) or just done privately. Kids need a service project? We plan to do a lemonade stand and bake sale. As 4 Paws is a 501c3 org….things MUST be done in a very specific way so please ask me questions before doing anything. And always, always, always….if you feel so led…..share this link!

Above all else, we need prayers! We believe in the power of those prayers and in the mighty power of God. Our extensive time praying over this decision has us thinking that this is the right path. And we know that if that is the case, it will happen in His time.

As those of you who are parents know, there is NOTHING you wouldn’t do for your child. It is with that in mind that we begin our uphill climb. May God bless you ALL!


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